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With SMC³’s help, eShipping finds the right API solution

logoFor Chad Earwood, CEO of eShipping, the day-to-day management of LTL shipments via EDI processes was taking up too much time and too many resources. eShipping needed a communication technology that gave them real-time shipment data and freed up staff from waiting for EDI shipment updates, constantly checking to make sure everything was in the right place at the right time.

“We were looking to find better ways to communicate in real-time with our customers and reduce manual tasks,” he said. Direct-to-carrier API communication tools, which are able to provide nearly real-time shipment data covering a range of shipper needs, seemed to be the obvious choice.

When eShipping looked out over a field crowded with new companies promising the greatest technology, and after investigating a number of providers, the company decided to pursue the SMC³ Platform for transactional LTL API connectivity.

In addition to integrating to SMC³’s dispatch and status APIs, as well as planning for future integrations of document and pre-pro tools, eShipping uses the high-horsepower, analytical APIs RateWare XL and CarrierConnect XL. Using a tool like RateWare XL allows eShipping to both quickly obtain LTL rates — the solution returns simple requests in milliseconds, but can also rate 60,000 shipments in a minute — and even audit LTL pricing. This business all arose from eShipping’s need for a solution that improves upon EDI communications.

“We would like to get out of that piece of managing and even using EDI as much as possible. Through the platform, SMC³ manages that for us,” said Earwood.

“I want to consume data that’s accurate in a timely manner,” he continued. “However that comes to me is fine, but I don’t want to manage it. I want to spend my time and resources on talent, not data management.”

eShipping sees SMC³ as a trustworthy company that has stood the test of time in a competitive technology field due to its unwavering emphasis on creating products and solutions that aid shippers, carriers, third-party logistics providers and other supply chain stakeholders. Customers are also drawn to SMC³ because of its dedication to crafting innovative solutions for the modern supply chain. From a development perspective, eShipping found that integrating to SMC³ was a painless process.

“Our developers felt that the SMC³ technology stack was extremely solid and easy to work with,” he said.

“During the SMC³ Platform onboarding process, we benefited from very open lines of communication that’s consistent and timely,” he continued. “It’s been a true partnership. I feel like we’re building it together.”

To learn more about the SMC³ Platform, download the brochure here or download the following data sheets to learn how it benefits shippers, 3PLs, carriers and technology providers.

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