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New Executive Council Establishing Less-Than-Truckload Digitalization Standards

Last week, a leading group of transportation executives and thought leaders have announced that they have brought together more than 20 organizations to support and evolve the LTL industry. The Digital LTL Council brings together carriers, logistics service providers, shippers and technology providers with the sole focus of developing a set of uniform standards that support the scalable automation and digitalization of LTL shipments.

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SMC³ Quick Takes provides bite-sized logistics learning

Supply chain education is one of the core goals of SMC³. Since virtual education is the name of the game these days, SMC³ is now providing a weekly bit of bite-sized supply chain education, covering topics that will be explored in more detail during the logistics technology company’s semi-yearly conferences and LTL education courses.

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Happy Holidays from SMC³

This holiday season, SMC³ is empowering shippers, carriers, 3PLs and other supply chain stakeholders with the gift of logistics and supply chain optimization.

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With SMC³’s spooky-fast freight transportation APIs, shippers and 3PLs can gain complete visibility to spot-market pricing, as well as automate manual processes and redeploy resources to revenue generating activities.

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How do logistics and supply chain conferences complement supply chain on-the-job training?

The optimal way to understand the intricacies of today’s supply chain environment is to participate in an educationally focused transportation conference. Events hosted by a reliable company with decades of industry expertise arm attendees with new supply chain ideas and transportation tools.

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How fast will the economy grow? Where are the infrastructure dollars? Fundamental questions confront Connections 2019 attendees

On the second and third days of SMC³’s Connections 2019 supply chain and logistics conference, attendees spent their time learning about the ins and outs of the economy and discussing transportation infrastructure and regulations. Emory University’s Jeffrey Rosensweig fears of a recession, while the ATA’s Randy Guillot made the case for a gas tax.

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