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SMC³ talks APIs, freight shipment visibility and big data

SMC³’s chief commercial officer Brian Thompson recently sat down with MercuryGate’s John Martin on “Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez” to discuss achieving visibility for LTL freight shipping and obtaining the right data that can drive efficiencies throughout the entire supply chain.

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behind the scenes

Behind the scenes at SMC³ with Jason Shelnutt

Logistics service providers always ask SMC³’s Jason Shelnutt about the technology firm’s latest API solutions, which deliver unrivaled LTL shipment visibility, transit-time information and rating power via the secure SMC³ Platform. When these supply chain customers realize how the solutions can help them optimize their LTL spend, they become advocates for SMC³’s freight APIs.

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With SMC³’s help, eShipping finds the right API solution

eShipping sees SMC³ as a trustworthy company that provides real-time shipment information and transactional LTL API connectivity to shippers, carriers, third-party logistics providers and other supply chain stakeholders.

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Frequent updates aid FastClass customers

The National Motor Freight Transport Association’s Commodity Classifications Standards Board makes occasional updates to its voluminous classification system. These revisions are needed to guarantee the unrestricted flow of commerce. To adapt to the frequent NMFC amendments and to provide customers with the most up-to-date solutions, SMC³ sends out occasional updates to its market-leading FastClass software.

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Carriers taking last-mile transportation in house

The last-mile industry is too complex for all carriers to fully embrace this trend. Last-mile transportation is currently fragmented, and as in any relatively new business, there are a number of early adopters participating in the last-mile arena that really have no specialized training. LTL carriers need to pay specific attention to maintaining a relationship with a trusted last-mile provider.

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