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Two-part series: Developing a Story with Data to Optimize LTL Decision-Making and the best practices to simplify the LTL RFP process

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the supply chain and logistics industry churns through mountains of data to move products from the point of origin to the final destination. According to the American Trucking Association, there were 11.46 billion tons of freight transported by trucks in 2022 and you can imagine the volume of data generated […]

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Activity-Based Costing Drives Better Business Decisions

The trucking industry has a significant challenge—knowing which customers and accounts are most and least profitable. Having this information can empower carriers to move freight more efficiently and cost effectively, which thereby improves the bottom line. This challenge took center stage at a recent TCA webinar where participants from SMC3 and XTL Transportation Inc. discussed how to make better business decisions through activity-based costing. When asked how carriers do costing today, the vast majority of the attendees said they rely on team member experience and knowledge.

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The logistics industry has a talent problem. Here’s how to fix it.

Of all the macroeconomic issues that have plagued the business world over the past few years, the persistent shortage of skilled labor has been a uniquely painful thorn in the side of industry. This trend is especially distressing in the realm of supply chain management, where expert analysis, bold leadership, and hard-won industry know-how are key in keeping companies (and the economy at large) functioning efficiently.

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SMC³ LTL APIs Digitize Express Logistics’ Shipment Lifecycle from Quote to Delivery

Excitement can reach a fever pitch when shippers and third-party logistics (3PL) providers make the decision to automate freight transportation, and for good reason. Traditional manual practices of rating carriers, receiving quotes, scheduling pickups, tracking shipments and gathering all the necessary documentation can be time-consuming and inefficient.

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SMC³ Behind the Scenes: Renee Rubino

Recently, we had the privilege to chat with SMC³’s Renee Rubino, to talk about all things Renee, her role, and the importance of building strong relationships with our Alliance Partners!

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SMC³’s Danielle Dillinger speaks at the Global Women in STEM Leadership Summit

Recently Danielle Dillinger, a Data Analyst for SMC³ was given the opportunity to speak on a panel for the Global Women in STEM Leadership Summit at The Starling in Atlanta, GA. Danielle was able to sit down and give an inside look at her experience.

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