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With SMC³’s help, eShipping finds the right API solution

eShipping sees SMC³ as a trustworthy company that provides real-time shipment information and transactional LTL API connectivity to shippers, carriers, third-party logistics providers and other supply chain stakeholders.

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Three Myths of APIs

There are a number of myths about transactional LTL freight APIs. These solutions are valuable tools, but any modern shipper must use an array of solutions. By augmenting transactional APIs with more robust Analytical APIs, shippers and 3PLs can tackle any LTL pricing need, no matter how large.

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SMC³’s LTL Freight APIs

The SMC³ Platform is the underlying LTL fuel for transportation management systems and the single integration point for all carrier rate, transit and service information.

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Fueling the LTL shipment lifecycle

SMC³ covers the entire LTL shipment lifecycle, allowing transportation management system providers like Oracle and MercuryGate to focus on the remaining cogs in the transportation machine. Instead of having to build up their own LTL systems, TMS provider partners simply work with SMC³ to provide transformative LTL technology tools to innovative shippers and 3PLs throughout North America.

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