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Behind the scenes at SMC³ with Brian Martin

SMC³’s Brian Martin is constantly growing carrier relationships in the industry and engaging customers regarding SMC³’s offerings and how these products can help optimize their freight transportation spend. Martin, with his nearly 20 years of expertise, knowledgably steers these customers to solutions that deliver unrivaled shipment visibility, transit-time information and automated bid procurement solutions. Get to know more about Brian and his role at SMC³ in this behind-the-scenes interview.

What’s your area of expertise at SMC³, and why do you like working in that area?

I started with SMC³ as the first customer support representative when SMC³’s customer support department was created. I then became SMC³’s first sales support representative, demonstrating the value a strong support staff can bring, both internally and to our customers’ experiences. I then moved into my current role as an account manager, focusing on carrier and shippers, and cultivating and nurturing those relationships. I work to actively find, develop and grow our customer portfolio, while my team and I simultaneously provide support and guidance to our existing carrier and shipper partners. SMC³ offers a variety of peerless solutions for transportation professionals who want to make the best operational decisions for their transportation business, while cementing relationships with shipper and third-party logistics companies. Carriers across North America look to SMC³ for the right data, technology and expertise to make smarter business decisions, and I’m happy and privileged to play a part in the continued evolution of the company.

How did you get involved with LTL technology?

I have been in the transportation and supply chain field for close to 20 years. Throughout my tenure at SMC³, I have gained expertise in many areas. I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn and grow with SMC³. I have progressed from customer support and sales support to my current position as a sales account manager; I have had the opportunity to work with all verticals, including carriers, shippers, and logistics service providers. Over-the-road transportation is a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry. SMC³ has worked with hundreds of LTL carriers for decades to help them optimize their businesses. The relationships formed are a crucial building block in the foundation of successful supply chain interactions as we strive to provide customers with innovative solutions that evolve with the supply chain industry.

How do you maintain a strong business relationship with your customers especially during the pandemic?

Everyone around the world – not just the transportation industry – adapted to remote work and utilizing new technology with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Although nothing can entirely replace face-to-face interaction, SMC³ has been able to maintain consistent and timely communication with customers through tools like Zoom, phone, email and our educational conferences, Jump Start and Connections, which are taking place as virtual events in 2021. A willingness to embrace these new communication methods means that we’ve been able to maintain close, timely communication with our customers.

SMC³ has a number of interesting projects for 2021. How will customers benefit from what is in the pipeline?

SMC³ is well known throughout the transportation industry for its expertise in LTL pricing technology. As we continue to evolve, our goal is to grow and offer our customers all the tools they need to serve all their transportation technology needs. SMC³ also has several truckload tools, including the Cost Intelligence System and Truckload Bid$ense®, to help companies optimize transportation spend. We offer solutions that optimize carrier procurement, analytics, planning, and freight bill auditing, to name a few. SMC³’s suite of LTL APIs help automate the shipment lifecycle from quote to delivery by providing shipment visibility through dispatch, tracking, automated PRO# assignment, etc.

We are also continuing to develop exciting solutions for carriers, such as accessorial management tools, and allowing them to offer and manage dynamic rates to their customers. Dynamic pricing offers carriers the flexibility to quickly and accurately provide timely “pricing on the fly” for their customers, to better manage and maximize their capacity.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun?

I enjoy spending time with my family and my two dogs, Ralphie and Bella. We are fortunate to live in a historic town located right outside of Atlanta, where there is always plenty to do and see.

Brian prides himself on finding the right SMC³ solution for every carrier and shipper need. Contact him directly at to discuss your business needs.

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