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Freight APIs Put the Power of LTL Data at the Industry’s Fingertips

Much progress has been made to digitize supply chains. Technology advancements like transportation management systems (TMS) and LTL freight APIs (application programming interfaces) automatically connect with carriers and open doors to digitize the shipment lifecycle from quote to delivery.

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Having the magic touch with AI and the final mile at Connections 2023

The second day of Connections 2023 opened with Mike Horvath, the EVP, CMO, and co-founder of Revenova, a CRM-based TMS company, identifying several trends that he saw shaping shipping and logistics, as well as certain risks that might be upcoming in the industry. 

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Better Service, Lower Cost – the LTL Electronic Bill of Lading

The bill of lading (BOL) carries significant importance to all parties in the supply chain – shipper, consignee, carrier and 3PL. Learn how SMC³ LTL APIs can partner with you to achieve eBOL adoption and automate your entire shipment lifecycle.

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How LTL shippers and carriers are using technology to improve efficiency

In an SMC³ LTL202 online education exclusive covering “Technology in an LTL Environment”, transportation logistics and technology professionals offered their insights on the technologies that are changing LTL and what the industry needs to do to keep up in a future where efficiency will be paramount.

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How better technology strengthens LTL efficiency and relationships

In an SMC³ LTL202 educational session “LTL Operations from Dock to Stock”, AAA Cooper President & COO, Charlie Prickett, joined LTL transportation executive TJ O’Connor to trade stories of how LTL efficiency has been redefined over their careers and what carriers should be doing to improve LTL efficiency.

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Behind the scenes at SMC³ with Brian Martin

SMC³’s Brian Martin is constantly growing carrier relationships in the industry and engaging customers regarding SMC³’s offerings and how these products can help optimize their freight transportation spend. Martin, with his nearly 20 years of expertise, knowledgably steers these customers to solutions that deliver unrivaled shipment visibility, transit-time information and automated bid procurement solutions. Get to know more about Brian and his role at SMC³ in this behind-the-scenes interview.

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