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Behind the scenes at SMC³ with Nick Angeletos

Shippers constantly ask SMC³’s Nick Angeletos about how their companies can use SMC³’s logistics technology solutions to optimize their LTL transportation spend. Though he’s only been part of the company for a short time, Angeletos knowledgably steers these customers to solutions that deliver unrivaled LTL shipment visibility, transit-time information and freight rating power.

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Shippers turn to volume LTL spot pricing in tight capacity market

Volume LTL deals with shipments that won’t fill an entire truck, but don’t fit into contracted LTL rates. These goods can move on a carrier’s backhaul or chronic empty lanes and are priced at spot-market rates. With volume LTL, customers only pay the going rate for the space their freight occupies. Volume LTL is mutually beneficial for shippers and carriers.

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