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Behind the scenes at SMC³ with Mark Artis

SMC³’s Mark Artis recently sat down to chat about his role at SMC³, how his career began in the truckload industry and how the Cost Intelligence System product lets carriers quickly, efficiently and accurately derive cost and profitability information from their operations.

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Is technology a competitive advantage in the modern supply chain industry?

New technology and the introduction of innovative supply chain solutions into established processes is one way to combat transportation issues. Brian Thompson of SMC³ sees the uptick in technology adoption, and a broader adoption of transportation management systems among even the smallest transportation companies, as a sign of how shippers and 3PLs are now confronting a challenging supply chain arena.

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How are today’s transportation technology rating tools laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s logistics innovations?

The current version of RateWare XL features more than 5,000 LTL base rates, small package and density tariffs, and the ability for users to conduct historical pricing inquiries and batch process files, SMC³ wanted to go a step further. Not content to rest on the laurels of such a widely used product, the company has created a new version of RateWare that will serve as a platform for future rating solutions.

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A lifetime of LTL technology

During his 34 years at SMC³, Danny Slaton was lucky enough to experience seismic shifts in the logistics and supply chain industry – first on the front lines of the computerization of the supply chain and then as an executive making sense of a post-deregulation transportation world. Slaton retired from his career at SMC³ following the Jump Start 2019 logistics conference, and in his three decades at the company, he saw a lot of change.

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Logistics technology solutions for 2019

The year ahead will see SMC³ continue serving its customers by delivering innovative solutions that fix their supply chain issues. SMC³’s hallmark products serve an integral role in the processes of shippers, 3PLs and carriers throughout the country, and the development pipeline is robust.

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