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Shippers turn to volume LTL spot pricing in tight capacity market

Volume LTL deals with shipments that won’t fill an entire truck, but don’t fit into contracted LTL rates. These goods can move on a carrier’s backhaul or chronic empty lanes and are priced at spot-market rates. With volume LTL, customers only pay the going rate for the space their freight occupies. Volume LTL is mutually beneficial for shippers and carriers.

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Roadrunner Freight talks LTL logistics technology, supply chain innovation

SMC³ works with some of the leading service providers in the supply chain industry, giving them the tools to optimize their LTL operations. Frank Hurst, president of Roadrunner Freight, recently spoke with SMC³ about how the company uses its logistics technology products and how the carrier views innovation.

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The density-based freight costing model

The freight costing model solution Cost Intelligence System gives carriers the keys to achieve their goals, but with the use of dimensioners and the introduction of volumetric data into the carrier’s system, this tool can provide even more benefits to each user. Unlike optimization and cost-averaging systems, the SMC³ solution shows carriers their true costs – not an estimate.

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