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Roadrunner Freight talks LTL logistics technology, supply chain innovation

Logistics technology company SMC³ works with some of the leading service providers in the transportation and supply chain industry, giving them the tools to optimize their less-than-truckload operations. Frank Hurst, former president at Roadrunner Freight,  spoke with SMC³ about how the company uses its logistics technology products and how the carrier views innovation.

SMC³: How does Roadrunner view evolving supply chain technology?

Hurst: The evolution of supply chain technology will never stop, and we are meeting this challenge head on. Technology is at a forefront of our service based recovery and critical to our success in driving improved service, driver retention and recruitment as well as network enhancements.

Scott Cousins, our CIO, has completely revamped and reorganized our IT team to be very nimble and closely aligned with the individual needs of the business. Over the past year, we created a technology center at our corporate office in Downers Grove and have hired over 50 IT professionals. We have brought in some incredible talent and they continue to amaze me with projects they are working on.

SMC³: How has Roadrunner used SMC³ products to excel in the industry?

Hurst: SMC³ products have given us a robust tool set to automate processes, gain better insights and more precisely manage our shipment data. The integration with RateWare XL allows us to rate hundreds of thousands of shipments across every zip code combination and class within our rate base. This has given our team more power to quickly build custom solutions for customers. Additionally, the integration of SMC³ products with our billing and rating system as well as online web tools ensure timely updates to our rate base. The SMC³ web tool also gives us access to an easy tool to use during the analysis of complex large batches of rates.

CarrierConnect XL is a game changer for our business. Customers utilizing this platform have the ability to take advantage of our day specific transit times and utilize the service offerings we have at an economical price.

Additionally, with the market changes we have seen over the past year, the Cost Intelligence System has been instrumental in the pricing decisions and yield management strategies we have implemented. It has been the primary costing tool since its implementation. Having the ability to receive customized information and analysis as well as run reports and create data sets has allowed our pricing and sales teams to develop creative pricing programs that are a win-win for us and our customers.

SMC³: Why is it necessary for carriers to partner with technology providers like SMC³ in the current climate?

Hurst: Technology isn’t fading. It’s growing more and more important in our industry each day. Twenty years ago, technology wasn’t as vital to the shipper or throughout the process of moving freight across the country. Now, technology is driving our industry and shaping not only how shippers quote, book and track but everything in between.

As the lines between technology and transportation continue to blur, carriers will continue to have to invest and partner with leading third parties such as SMC³. These partnerships can help carriers understand when benchmarks and expectations change while helping carriers adapt and even pull ahead of the competition.

To learn more about the SMC³ products Roadrunner Freight uses to optimize its business, download the data sheets for CarrierConnect XL or RateWare XL or contact to talk to a sales representative about SMC³ products.

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