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Looking ahead to 2021

Thinking back on the past year, there’s no disputing that the pandemic was the single most disruptive supply chain challenge we’ve seen in quite some time. Coronavirus changed, and continues to change, how the transportation world does business, at least in the short term.

Over the course of 2020, we have experienced rapid changes in consumer shopping patterns, shifts in customer purchasing priorities, near shutdowns of some segments of the economy, shelter at home orders, and more. These dynamics, to name just a few, created tremendous shifts in freight transportation patterns and volume levels. Thankfully, the transportation and logistics industry has once again proven itself to be resilient in the face of very challenging times.

With an eye to the future, there are signs of hope for the year ahead. Multiple vaccines for the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) have recently received approval or are nearing approval for rollout. Additionally, new options for treating those afflicted by COVID-19 are emerging, which should give us hope. These vaccines and therapeutics also create new and unique challenges for the industry to solve. I am confident that once again, the industry will rise to the occasion.  

At SMC³, we’ve worked with our myriad of shipper, carrier and logistics supply chain provider (LSP) customers to provide products that allow them to ride out these economic swings and head into 2021 in a position to thrive. Longstanding business stability and rock-solid relationships with our customers are fundamental to who we are. This year, these core values have been more important than ever. In addition to providing uninterrupted services to our customers, the development of new products has continued. SMC³ technology tools now help shippers, carriers, and LSPs manage business across the entire shipment lifecycle with a full suite of API and EDI connections. These new solutions integrate seamlessly to TMS applications.  Our web applications give users à la carte access to high-powered analysis and visibility solutions.     

At SMC³, our mission is to serve the entire industry. Providing support to every member of the supply chain is more important now than ever. Each of us at SMC³ is looking forward to the coming year. I’m excited about our first-ever Jump Start virtual conference in January, which will feature the same level of insightful content you’re familiar with, just in a virtual format. I’m also looking forward to continuing to innovate and develop new supply chain technology solutions, which will help our customers meet any challenges they might encounter down the road. As always, we remain here to serve you and the industry.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, SMC³ is up and running without interruption. Let us know how we can help your business in this trying time with reliable, proven service. Contact us at or 1-800-845-8090.

Jump Start 2021 is now open for registration and the event is VIRTUAL! Register today for the supply chain conference.

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