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How are today’s transportation technology rating tools laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s logistics innovations?

RateWare XL is a stalwart of SMC³’s transportation technology offerings. The industry’s most powerful and reliable rating and auditing solution is used by supply chain stakeholders across the nation to achieve greater pricing analysis on everything from LTL classification pricing to small-package rates.

While the current version of RateWare XL features more than 5,000 LTL base rates, small package and density tariffs, and the ability for users to conduct historical pricing inquiries and batch process files, SMC³ wanted to go a step farther. Not content to rest on the laurels of such a widely used product, the company has created a new version of RateWare that will serve as a platform for future rating solutions.

RateWare XL 2.0 is built on the foundation of RESTful APIs, allowing for easy integration to future rating tools that are currently being developed. By switching from version 1.0 right now, users can ensure that they experience no performance hiccups when upgrading to the latest and greatest SMC³ solutions.

“The work we’ve done with 2.0 lays the foundation for us to create innovative products in the future,” according to David Knight, SMC³’s chief information officer.

The new version of RateWare also comes with a slight speed improvement over its predecessor. While Knight cautions that this double-digit growth in processing power isn’t the primary benefit, customers will want to make the switch due to the versioning capabilities of 2.0. The new solution is also more robust and is able to handle with ease SMC³’s uptick in RateWare transactions.

At the end of the day, RateWare 2.0 is an investment in the future.

“The new version can be seen as infrastructure being put in place for what’s currently in development at SMC³,” Knight said. “Just wait and see what’s coming next!”

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