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SMC³ supply chain conference to feature panel on pressing the easy button for route planning and optimization

During SMC³’s Jump Start 2023 supply chain conference, Ward Transport’s President Bill Ward, Jr. will join industry leaders to discuss how LTL carriers are leveraging advancements in AI-powered, cloud-based solutions for route optimization.

How has AI-powered cloud-based solutions accelerated the evolution of the supply chain and how it performs?

AI-powered cloud-based supply chain solutions has made carriers more efficient and less reliant on human touch. On the customer side, it has improved visibility, billing accuracy and transit times to name a few.

How can freight transportation organizations leverage the advancements of AI and machine learning to their advantage?

A big part is to reduce manual touch in the shipping process. Through the use of these new transportation technology tools, there is an opportunity to automate the shipping and delivery workflow. This will create a more consistent customer experience as well as help carriers understand and ultimately reduce their costs. 

Do you think there’s a reluctance to embrace this technology in the supply chain industry because of potential risks?  

Other than cybersecurity concerns with some cloud-based solutions, I do not see any risks that would be so significant to outweigh the ROI of harnessing these new technology solutions.

What do you hope attendees take away from your session at Jump Start 2023?

This is a technology-based business and that is not going to change. With labor shortages and increased costs, the companies that embrace new technology with be the successful ones.

To hear more from Bill Ward, Jr. and other transportation industry experts, register today for the premier supply chain intelligence gathering – Jump Start 2023.

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