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LTL Digitization: Make the Most of Existing Technologies

Communication is a crucial underpinning to any supply chain, but all companies must speak the same language throughout the shipment lifecycle. Whether companies are using EDI or API protocols, when they need to connect but have disparate messaging systems, a technology provider has to transform the available data into a uniform, consumable format. This can be a complex and complicated process requiring technical expertise and experience.

SMC³ streamlines these connections. Whether shippers communicate with transportation providers via EDI, API or some other messaging standard, the SMC³ team of expert technicians can provide unrivaled support so all parties achieve seamless interactions, efficient transactions, and complete visibility into their supply chains. Need a custom integration? SMC³ can do that too. SMC³ manages the migration from EDI to API where it makes the most business sense and leverages the best of both technologies. SMC³’s focus is on providing solutions that best fit the business needs maximizing ROI rather than forcing a single technology.  

Although supply chain companies are clamoring for API integrations, many shippers have deeply ingrained EDI communication processes. EDI messaging has been around for decades, and the communication standard will remain pervasive in the industry, as many shippers are already heavily invested in time-tested EDI solutions and EDI data from some providers still delivers richer information than API does. However, carriers are constantly improving existing and developing new API offerings that can benefit any shipper’s TMS.  From real-time status updates to instant pick-up request confirmations and even advance assignment of PRO numbers, carrier API services offer valuable functionality that stands on its own or augments any existing EDI infrastructure.

Enhanced communication via API and EDI protocols is in the backbone of SMC³’s suite of freight visibility and execution products. Rather than working with two providers, one for EDI connectivity and another for API integrations, there are several advantages to working with SMC³ to consume both technologies as a single solution. With SMC³, you will have a partner with the knowledge and experience to help users leverage the best of both technologies, stay current by consuming the newest API functionality, and take advantage of lower costs that come with working with a single technology provider.  

SMC³’s reliable and secure managed infrastructure comes with 24/7 monitoring, unrivaled customer service and a singular focus on LTL connectivity. SMC³ is a trusted provider of both EDI and API solutions, but at the end of the day, SMC³ always strives to help shippers, logistics providers and carriers effectively and efficiently exchange information with their partners.

Learn more about SMC³’s EDI/API capabilities by downloading the data sheet here.

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