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Logistics and supply chain industry primed for conference on technology innovation

The Jump Start 2019 supply chain conference, which takes place January 28-30 in Atlanta, focuses on explaining today’s technology disruptors, examining current tools to help supply chain stakeholders optimize their business, and exploring the future of supply chain technology transformation. For panel topics, SMC³ looked to the current supply chain climate, querying logistics leaders to figure out the pain points that need to be discussed and explored.

In the current supply chain world, innovation and technology are front and center. According to the 2018 Global Logistics Report, put together by JDA and Eye for Transport, more than half of the respondents point to both blockchain and artificial intelligence as game-changing technologies. Robotics and autonomous vehicles are also important technological innovations, according to the survey. It’s interesting that given the amount of supply chain press given to drones, only 25 percent of those surveyed think drones will have a significant impact on supply chain processes.

While more than half of the respondents think blockchain will transform the industry, the payoff might be a far way off – only 26 percent of those surveyed are currently seeing a return from the use of blockchain in their business processes. Organizations like the Blockchain in Transport Alliance are already seeing the digital writing on the wall, choosing to lead the way in uniting logistics companies together behind the goal of blockchain proliferation. More generally, the survey found that six in ten logistics providers are focusing on either building or buying online freight and technology platforms, according to the survey.

Attendees at Jump Start 2019 will learn about these top technological disruptors and opportunities, as well as how to confront emerging supply chain challenges. With supply chain conference panels on artificial intelligence, the value of blockchain and a discussion of technology predictions, guests will come away with a firm understanding of how to apply technology in their supply chain processes.

SMC³ conferences are all about separating the latest technology fads from developments that truly matter to the logistics industry. At Jump Start 2019, there’s plenty of information for shippers, 3PLs, carriers and technology providers. In addition to technology panels, speakers will discuss the recent raft of 3PL mergers, freight-profitability analysis and the most recent economic information.

SMC³ curates its supply chain conferences with a uniquely qualified roster of industry experts, analysts and critical thinkers. From the most trusted logistics leaders to newcomers that are changing up the supply chain game, Jump Start 2019 includes a diversity of voices to make sure attendees leave with a holistic picture of the supply chain.

Visit the Jump Start 2019 website for information about speakers, sessions and everything else you need to know about the supply chain conference. Register here by Nov. 30 to take advantage of early-bird pricing.

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