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IL2000 Streamlines its Bid Process with SMC³ Bid$ense® Procurement Tool

Like many large third-party logistics providers for shippers and carriers, Integrated Logistics 2000 (IL2000) found itself at a crossroads managing its bid process. The company wanted to move away from manually handling procurement events that cost significant time and money. To help the company streamline its bid process, IL2000 set out to find a procurement tool that could manage large sets of data, create bid events, optimize workflows and enable responsive communications.

After narrowing its list of business outcome must-haves, they looked for a procurement tool that could:

  • Identify bidding challenges and their impact on business
  • Provide targeted negotiations
  • Enable faster feedback to clients and carriers
  • Reduce response times
  • Allow easy follow up on accepted RFPs and save time

After weighing all the options, IL2000 selected SMC³ Bid$ense®, a cloud-based solution for over-the-road freight transportation sourcing and pricing negotiation. As a whole, Bid$ense provides pricing, claims ratios, on-time performance data and more into bidding analysis. The tool automates transportation procurement processing, increasing the scope of each bid.

By implementing the Bid$ense tool, IL2000 has vastly improved its bidding process. It has saved the company time and budget, improved its carrier relations and delivered complete visibility across the bid process. It can now take advantage of automated workflows, streamlined decision-making and timely and consistent communications to its carrier audience.

Read the full IL2000 case study to see what Dave Kiesling, VP Capacity and Logistics Engineering at IL2000, has to say about the SMC³ Bid$ense procurement tool.

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