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Three online supply chain education tools to help remote employees stay fresh

Countless employees throughout the supply chain have suddenly been thrust into work-from-home remote roles due to COVID-19. Social distancing measures have been taken by carriers, shippers, 3PLs and other freight transportation firms. But what happens to those supply chain novices that were just starting their training and are suddenly left without an outlet for logistics education?

Online supply chain education is not a new phenomenon, but the number of highly specialized, transportation-specific learning options has proliferated in the last few years.

CSCMP online study

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals currently offers a 12-video series for supply chain education, complete with after-video quizzes, that seeks to provide users with an in-depth exploration of the supply chain management process. Video topics in the pay-as-you-go series include network design, long-range planning, customer service, export and international delivery. The videos can be viewed a la carte or as an entire educational program. The organization also offers additional e-learning opportunities at

Broker certification from TIA

On the broker front, the Transportation Intermediaries Association offers online courses on a path to become a certified transportation broker (CTB).

“Create a culture of excellence within your organization through employee development provided by the CTB,” the company states on its website. “Knowledge increases confidence. Confidence fosters stronger decisions. Better decisions lead to increased margin capture. Incorporating the CTB into your employee development and training plans expresses the investment in your team and for the service commitment to your customers.”

The online course promises that students will learn to understand the basics of being a broker, traffic management, case law, and contracts and pricing. Though there is a required textbook, the rest of the course content is online. More information is available at

Become an expert in LTL with SMC³

Supply chain education is one of the core goals of SMC³, a company with a long history of nurturing the logistics learning process. To continue offering innovative educational opportunities, and respond to the demand of our customers, the company has unveiled a series of online less than truckload courses that will arm supply chain stakeholders with the knowledge needed to excel in an ever-changing industry. For more information, visit

LTL is an incredibly complex mode that requires specialized insight. With the first-of-its kind set of LTL lessons, presented in partnership with, SMC³ is doing its part to ease the training burden on small shippers, logistic services providers, and other supply chain companies.

When developing the LTL coursework, SMC³ looked at a common problem: How do you keep supply chain professionals up-to-date with the latest changes in the LTL arena in a supply chain world that’s evolving so quickly? That query seems even more relevant today.

SMC³’s LTL courses cover a wide range of topics from LTL basics and operations to more advanced concepts like pricing and transportation law. The company plans to continually refresh content, adding new expert presenters, and taking the feedback of students to make the courses even better as time goes on.

These three options are just a few of the online courses tailored to specific business interests. With much of the supply chain workforce doing their jobs remotely, now might be the best time to pursue online learning.

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