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LTL shipping: Rating is a complex equation

Less than truckload shipments make up a given company’s overall freight spend, but making sure these shipments are rated correctly, sent expeditiously and arrive at their destination undamaged, takes care and attention. Without the right technologies, it’s nearly impossible to drive the complexities out of the LTL shipment lifecycle. SMC³’s CzarLite XL and RateWare XL help connect shippers with the optimal carrier for their needs based on qualities like price and customer service.

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SMC³’s LTL transportation software fuels the industry

Propelled by e-commerce shipments, less than truckload transportation is booming. Customers turn to SMC³ for unrivaled LTL transportation software solutions like RateWare XL and CarrierConnect XL, which provide the fuel for their transportation management systems.

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Accurate rating is the hallmark of LTL transportation

Neutral base rates that are accurate and dependable will provide shippers, carriers and other supply chain stakeholders the confidence that their LTL transportation strategies are backed by extensive data analysis and business intelligence resulting in a true win-win for all parties involved.

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