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How can PRO number API tools aid supply chain visibility throughout the shipment lifecycle?

Shippers and 3PLs use PRO numbers to track goods through the supply chain, but when carriers pick up shipments, these identification tags haven’t historically been automatically generated at the point of dispatch. Consumers have been demanding greater visibility into their shipments, and real-time visibility accessibility has become job number one for transportation providers. But the timely transfer of PRO numbers from carriers to shippers has constrained visibility growth.

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Why did trucking capacity shrink after the ELD mandate?

In 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration put forward a supply chain safety measure meant to regulate the amount of time a truck driver stays on the road. The FMCSA regulation, which was put into force two years later, forced truckload and LTL carriers through some growing pains, but the resultant dip in available capacity turned out to be temporary. Supply chain stakeholders can ensure they always have needed capacity by automating their transportation procurement process.

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Automated transportation procurement = win-win for carriers and shippers

Bid$ense helps customers automate transportation purchasing within their overall procurement process, a crucial step when looking for a competitive edge in the fast-paced supply chain arena. The automated procurement solution, which provides immediate access to more than 500 carriers, leads to quicker RFP turnarounds, standardizing carrier responses to shipper inquiries and streamlining the entire process.

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Logistics technology solutions for 2019

The year ahead will see SMC³ continue serving its customers by delivering innovative solutions that fix their supply chain issues. SMC³’s hallmark products serve an integral role in the processes of shippers, 3PLs and carriers throughout the country, and the development pipeline is robust.

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Happy Holidays from SMC³

This holiday season, SMC³ is empowering shippers, carriers, 3PLs and other supply chain stakeholders with the gift of logistics and supply chain optimization.

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Shipper, 3PL and logistics customer input fuels SMC³ supply chain innovation

The supply chain business is ever-changing based upon the current needs of logistics customers, and SMC³ has an array of technology solutions in the pipeline to meet new demands and needs. SMC³ creates these products after listening to the entire supply chain constituency – shippers, carriers, 3PLs and other logistics stakeholders — to gain a true industry perspective.

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