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Navigating Compliance in the Modern Supply Chain

As in every industry, safety is paramount to the effective functioning of LTL shipping. But while this safety mandate may be common sense, staying compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) standards is a complicated undertaking for any carrier looking to keep their trucks on the road.

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SMC³ Behind the Scenes: Renee Rubino

Recently, we had the privilege to chat with SMC³’s Renee Rubino, to talk about all things Renee, her role, and the importance of building strong relationships with our Alliance Partners!

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Inside the Washington Beltway—Critical Regulatory Matters Impacting LTL

Sometimes it feels like the only regulatory certainty is the uncertainty for the less-than-truckload (LTL) industry. The first workshop in the fourth series of SMC3’s LTL Online Education focused on all things regulatory, and Washington D.C. insiders and transportation regulation experts explored today’s landscape impacting LTL and the next steps to prepare for potential regulatory impacts.

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Bid$ense® Provides a Much-Needed Freight Procurement Tool in Turbulent Times

It’s safe to say August was a turbulent month for the less-than-truckload (LTL) industry in the wake of one of the most dominant carriers shuttering operations. Other carriers have picked up the overflow and seeing a spike in daily shipments; 30,000 impacted truck drivers are searching for new jobs; and shippers are navigating a new, uncertain freight landscape.

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Unexpected Weather Events are on the Rise. Is it Freight Embargo Panic Time?

As weather-related events become more common, what are the chances that freight embargoes could disrupt a somewhat upbeat outlook?

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How do automated volume LTL pricing solutions help the logistics community?

For years, less than truckload shippers and 3PLs have been gathering volume LTL rates the hard way. Due to a lack of options, when their shipments fit the parameters of a volume LTL move, these transportation users have had to get on the phone to query numerous carriers about their volume LTL pricing, sending countless emails back and forth.

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