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How can PRO number API tools aid supply chain visibility throughout the shipment lifecycle?

Shippers and 3PLs use PRO numbers to track goods through the supply chain, but when carriers pick up shipments, these identification tags haven’t historically been automatically generated at the point of dispatch. Consumers have been demanding greater visibility into their shipments, and real-time visibility accessibility has become job number one for transportation providers. But the timely transfer of PRO numbers from carriers to shippers has constrained visibility growth.

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Reading the supply chain trends: Are lower freight transportation rates for shippers and 3PLs around the corner?

While carrier pricing is stable for the time being, there are signs that the rest of 2019 could bring about a different reality. Even a perceived loosening of freight rates is a signal to transportation buyers throughout the supply chain. If Old Dominion customers are currently finding carriers willing to use higher discounts to attract business, other carriers are also seeing the same from LTL shippers, and this means a significant trend might emerge. SMC³ has also witnessed an increase in LTL bid activity generated through its Bid$ense product.

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Happy Holidays from SMC³

This holiday season, SMC³ is empowering shippers, carriers, 3PLs and other supply chain stakeholders with the gift of logistics and supply chain optimization.

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Happy Thanksgiving from SMC³

The SMC³ team has been hard at work cooking up numerous automated messaging options for shippers and 3PLs. Learn more about SMC³’s cornucopia of APIs.

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behind the scenes

Behind the scenes at SMC³ with Jason Shelnutt

Logistics service providers always ask SMC³’s Jason Shelnutt about the technology firm’s latest API solutions, which deliver unrivaled LTL shipment visibility, transit-time information and rating power via the secure SMC³ Platform. When these supply chain customers realize how the solutions can help them optimize their LTL spend, they become advocates for SMC³’s freight APIs.

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