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SMC³’s carrier tool is loaded with features

For more than eight decades, SMC³ has been the place shippers, carriers, 3PLs and other industry stakeholders turn for help with LTL data and intelligence. The company’s products have been proven time and again to bleed complexity out of the LTL landscape, allowing companies to optimize their LTL spend.

SMC³ has been building up its presence in the truckload sector, and the foundation of this truckload push is the Cost Intelligence System. The intelligent freight costing model lets carriers analyze transportation costs at the load level. By using each carrier’s actual operating data, the SMC³ technology solution shows carriers the true cost of the freight they move on a daily basis. The result is a unique set of data points – not a freight costing average.

The Cost Intelligence System also has an LTL function, allowing carriers to optimize shipment profitability and improve customer service just like their truckload brethren. Whether a carrier’s needs are oriented toward customer profitability, analysis of existing traffic or the development of cost-based rates for pricing and traffic activities, LTL/CIS can be tailored for a precise fit.

LTL/CIS is an innovative profitability tool, and for pricing optimization, the solution can be linked up with RateWare XL to simultaneously rate and cost shipments. This saves carriers an almost immeasurable amount of time, streamlining the process and allowing them to ensure their calculations are error free. Through the LTL/CIS pricing feature, carriers can even select accessorials and shipment discounts to determine the most profitable response to customer requests for proposals.

SMC³’s experienced CIS team of truckload and LTL experts spend their days walking carriers through the system, adding new functionality and showing customers how they can save time and money with SMC³ products. During user group meetings – like the event on October 21 in San Diego – the team meets customers to talk through innovative ways of using the profitability system, gathers feedback from carrier representatives and talks through profitability and customer service issues from a carrier’s perspective.

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