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SMC³ supply chain conference to feature panel on leveraging LTL data to enhance LTL business decisions

During SMC³’s Jump Start 2022 supply chain conference, SMC³’s director of business development Justin Springer will join logistics leaders during Tuesday’s breakout session, ‘Leveraging Data and Analytics to Enhance LTL, Part III: Bid$ense’, to discuss how to leverage LTL data and understand the analytics through tools that optimize LTL business decisions.

Springer recently took the time to talk about big data, machine learning and data science, providing a preview of his conference remarks.

How has big data, data science and machine learning accelerated the evolution of the supply chain and how it performs?

Businesses today have more visibility and access to data than ever before. Being able to successfully leverage that data to make quicker, better informed decisions has certainly created efficiencies. Despite some of the supply chain challenges we now hear about in the news, data strategies are helping companies overcome some of those issues and certainly be more nimble and resilient than in the past. Big data is here to stay, and certainly those that take advantage of the opportunities it provides will be more successful going forward.

How can users leverage LTL data to their advantage?

Using data to understand your current business, and modeling future scenarios, creates all kinds of opportunities for improvements and efficiencies. The key is making that data actionable. There are all sorts of innovative ways that organizations are improving their business using already existing data, from creating dashboards for visibility, KPIs for compliance, and providing greater transparency with their partners and customers to improve relationships and customer experience.

What can we expect to learn from your breakout session at Jump Start 2022?

I’ll be moderating a session on using data and metrics to enhance LTL, specifically around bid and procurement scenarios. Specifically, we’ll be discussing use cases and best practices for how to leverage LTL data and understand the analytics through tools that optimize LTL decision making.

To hear more from Justin Springer and other transportation industry experts, register today for the premier supply chain intelligence gathering – Jump Start 2022.

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