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SMC³ LTL APIs give Shippers the Power to Optimize Supply Chain Processes

On the second day of Jump Start 2020, during a panel on customer service, The Home Depot’s Heather Tenney told the audience how important data is to the retailer’s operations.  

“We’re in a world of data now, and it’s fantastic,” Tenney said. “Data drives all our decisions.”

Tenney was talking about customer-facing tasks, but the same sentiment can be applied to the supply chain in general. Information fuels modern transportation.

SMC³’s execution and visibility LTL APIs provide communications coverage for shippers and 3PLs throughout the entire shipment lifecycle, developing a strong data link between customer and provider. With the company’s ever-expanding universe of solutions, customers can ensure real-time messaging with a host of freight transportation providers. These RESTful APIs are easily integrated into existing business activities, and the tools can work together to help streamline price quoting, shipment execution and tracking, and documentation.  

SMC³ is developing new APIs all the time with an eye to a simple truth: The introduction of innovative supply chain solutions into established supply chain processes is the best way to solve complex transportation issues. With more data, shippers can make better-informed choices on how to maximize their freight transportation spend, optimize carrier selection and improve customer service. As data experts, SMC³ also helps shippers standardize disparate carrier data, which may originally be submitted in a range of formats.

Finding the right transportation logistics provider to enable real-time shipment communications is a challenge. Not all technology partners are created equal; shippers should partner with technology companies that provide the resources, the horsepower and the experience to get the job done right every time. Enhanced communication via API and EDI protocols is in the backbone of SMC³’s suite of freight visibility and execution products. By providing solutions using both APIs and EDI, SMC³ delivers a range of tools that deliver enhanced carrier connectivity.

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