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Here’s what SMC³ means to some of its longest-tenured employees

People tend to spend decades, or sometimes their entire careers, working for SMC³. Is it a devotion to the freight transportation industry that keeps them interested in the work? What about the employee culture? Perhaps they enjoy collaboration with a varied customer base.

Every SMC³ employee has a different story. Two long-time team members, Anita Hollman and Wendy Bratcher, recently took the time to explain what makes SMC³ so special. Hollman has spent a combined 42 years at the company, and Bratcher began her company journey in 1998. 

For people who have never heard of SMC³, how would you describe the company culture?

Anita: To me, SMC³ is not just a company helping carriers, shippers and 3PLs with transportation technology and data solutions; I feel like I work with my second family. We get together as a family often. There are numerous opportunities for us to come together and celebrate our successes, capped off by a large, company-wide employee appreciation day each year.  

I also think it’s important that SMC³ is a big sponsor of Peachtree City charity organizations. That makes me proud to say I am an SMC³ employee.  

Wendy: SMC³ is a place where many diverse and unique individuals come together every day with common goals and objectives. Built on trust and respect of each team member, the collaboration is fascinating to experience. The team atmosphere is prevalent each day as we work together, keeping each other accountable, taking corrective action when necessary and delivering excellence to our customers and the industry. 

Why did you decide to apply initially?

Anita: My husband’s aunt worked for the company and highly recommended it to me. I had just moved to Georgia after getting married in Tennessee, so I was thrilled to find a job and make new friends. 

Wendy: Having just graduated from Indiana University Southeast with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, I was ready to put the books away and embark on a new journey in the company’s Louisville office. Initially I needed a job where I could gain programming experience. The long history of the company and its success within the industry offered the stability I needed to succeed.

What convinced you to spend such a large portion of your career at SMC³?

Anita: Accomplishing a different challenge every day while being involved with new technology has kept me from ever getting bored. SMC³’s personal concern for my family influenced my decision to stay with the company for so many years. As I already said, the people I have worked with have been like family to me. They encouraged me, provided great teamwork, and have also made my life at SMC³ an enjoyable and happy one.

Wendy: From day one, the leadership team and my peers empowered me to be the best I could be. SMC³ always appreciates its employees. The company has continually adapted to the shifting industry within the past 22 years, but employees are always valued. Individual professional development is encouraged and supported.

In the end, everyone here is important to the success of our solutions. Each perspective is respected and evaluated. The products and services offered are something I am very proud to help create.           

What does it mean to be part of a company that has served the industry for 85 years?

Anita: Since I have worked for SMC³ 42 of those 85 years, I have seen many changes in how the company operated along with a significant shift in technology. Originally, SMC³ created printed tariff publication of rates and rules for carriers to meet a regulation required by the Interstate Commerce Commission. Now we offer cloud-based technology, data and advanced knowledge. The combined expertise and the quality of work that all the SMC³ teams put in place daily show that we are the best of the best in everything we do. I am so proud to be a little piece of a gigantic puzzle. 

Wendy: Building solutions that help other companies succeed is very satisfying. The stability of our company is rooted on solid decisions and excellent customer service. Maintaining neutrality, we continually deliver excellence to our customers and the industry as a whole.

What is the best part of your job?

Anita: Knowing that your company’s management trusts your work-related decisions and will listen to your concerns or advice you might have is essential.

Right now, I spend a lot of time training new employees. Seeing those new employees take the knowledge I have passed on to them and come up with new excellent ideas, makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

Wendy: After 22 years, it is still exciting to learn about new technologies and find solutions to help our customers succeed. The friendships built with both other employees and customers are treasures of a lifetime. Empowering and mentoring newer employees gives me a lot of joy and happiness. The collaborative atmosphere allows us to merge our veteran knowledge with new innovative approaches to provide frictionless solutions for the industry. 

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