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Frequent updates aid FastClass customers

The dynamic world of less-than-truckload transportation is ever-changing, and this makes determining the price of shipping LTL goods a sometimes onerous task. While the rating behind truckload shipping is relatively straightforward, pricing out LTL shipments is inherently complex. The National Motor Freight Transport Association’s classification index – the foundation of LTL shipment rates – is a living document that shifts and adapts to fit the needs of the marketplace.

SMC³’s FastClass synthesizes all these updates to provide customers with an unrivaled product capable of lightning-fast, accurate classification rating of even the most complex shipments.

The NMFTA’s Commodity Classifications Standards Board makes occasional updates to its voluminous classification system in order to maintain an accurate picture of the price of transporting goods via LTL transportation. These updates to the National Motor Freight Classification system are needed to guarantee the unrestricted flow of commerce. To adapt to the frequent NMFC amendments and to provide customers with the most up-to-date solutions, SMC³ sends out occasional updates to its market-leading FastClass software.

FastClass provides customers with reliable and speedy LTL freight classification content, and by painstakingly updating the program, SMC³ ensures that customers always have the right information at their fingertips. Shippers all over the country use FastClass to avoid unexpected rerates due to freight misclassification, strategically plan new product packaging and distribution scenarios, and minimize loss and damage by packaging freight according to industry standards.

SMC³ aims to provide customers with a complete, thorough picture of the LTL world so they can make intelligent business decisions and properly apply their transportation spend effectively and appropriately.

As the single integration point for all carrier rate, transit and service data, SMC³ solutions travel beyond simple connectivity and empower shippers, 3PLs and carriers to collaborate and optimize decision making throughout the entire LTL lifecycle — from rating through the invoicing process. SMC³ is dedicated to providing you with the latest information and data so you can optimize the LTL portions of their supply chains.

Detailed information about SMC3’s FastClass is available in the data sheet, which you can download here.

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