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Behind the scenes at SMC³ with Victor Guillen-Escalera

Victor Guillen-Escalera is SMC³’s new alliance partners manager. He recently took time out to discuss his area of expertise, how he got started in the LTL industry, and the benefits of using SMC³’s logistics intelligence solutions. Get to know more about Victor in this behind-the-scenes interview.

What’s your area of expertise at SMC³?

I am SMC³’s alliance partners manager, responsible for managing the relationships between SMC³ and the LTL industry with our alliance partners. Our alliance partners are best-in-class technology partners – from ERP, TMS/WMS, e-Commerce companies to supply chain management, design, and planning firms – that share our vision and mission for the seamless integration, collaboration, and implementation of relationships, connections, and tools to simplify the complexity of the LTL industry. I love interacting with and getting to know people, learning about different value chain technologies, and educating individuals, organizations, and companies.

As a new employee, what attracted you to SMC³?

Prior to working at SMC³, I was the LTL sourcing manager for a specialty chemical manufacturer where I was responsible for procuring and managing LTL services and spend across North America. When I first started, I knew very little about the LTL industry and the complexity involved across the LTL supply chain. As I gained expertise, I fell in love with this industry and wanted to further my knowledge and education for myself and the industry at large.

As a pivotal company in the industry, I was drawn to SMC³ for several reasons. I previously attended their Jump Start and Connections conferences, so I already knew they were industry experts. Their robust suite of logistics technology solutions also attracted me, because I’m excited to see how I can help alliance partners integrate these solutions for a more seamless experience on their end. Their remote work policy also attracted me; it’s clear they’re adapting to the new work environment, and the need for a healthy work/life balance.

How did you get involved in LTL technology?

At my previous organization, to properly manage our LTL shipments and spend across our North American network, we needed superior technology. We used an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that linked all our activities and operations together from order and bill of lading (BOL) creation to auditing freight bills and making sure our LTL service providers were getting paid on time. The whole LTL supply chain would not be possible without us employing the use of a transportation management system (TMS) to manage pricing with our LTL service providers and setting up routing guides for our shipments.

SMC³ prides itself on creating solutions that help customers optimize their truckload and LTL transportation spend. How will customers benefit from what SMC³ has in store?

SMC³’s best-in-class suite of solutions fuels TMS applications with unrivaled LTL analytical capabilities and shipment visibility data. As the single integration point for all carrier rate and transit information, solutions like RateWare® XL and CarrierConnect® XL travel beyond simple connectivity, empowering users to optimize decision-making throughout the shipment lifecycle. Transportation stakeholders throughout the country look to SMC³’s LTL APIs for automated visibility solutions that span the entire shipment lifecycle from pickup to delivery, including contract and dynamic pricing, PRO# assignment, documents and status.

All of this is wonderfully supported by our unrivaled customer support, technical support, and client success teams – so at SMC³, you’re receiving superior support beyond the sales process. It’s an ongoing relationship that we want to foster and nourish.

When you’re not working, what are some of your hobbies?

I’m happily married to my wife, and we have two wonderful and energetic children. When I am not working, I spend all my time with my children and wife. If I’m not playing with and taking care of our children or helping my wife around the house with chores and updates, we love to get out and visit family, shop, try out new food, and travel together. I am also very spiritual, and on the side, I am a financial coach and real estate agent because I want to bless families with feeling financially secure and living in a comfortable place that they can call home.

Customers rely on SMC³’s LTL transportation data, technology, and expertise to support the entire supply chain, meeting the needs of customers with industry-leading speed, reliability and performance. Contact Victor today to learn more about SMC³’s products and services, and how to address your transportation needs.

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