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Behind the scenes at SMC³ with Tammy Rabino

Tammy Rabino is the strategic account manager for SMC³. She recently took time out to discuss her new role, how she got started in the LTL industry, and the benefits of using SMC³’s logistics intelligence solutions. Get to know more about Tammy in this behind the scenes interview.

What’s your area of expertise at SMC³?

I am a strategic account manager at SMC³. I have an extensive background in LTL, truckload, expedite, and other modes on the carrier side. I’ve spent most of my career in sales working with shippers and 3PLs of all sizes. 

As a new employee, what attracted you to SMC³? 

Many of my former customers utilized SMC³’s CzarLite base rates so I was familiar with the benefits of using SMC³’s solutions. When I looked deeper into all of our product offerings, I felt that my industry experience would blend well in this role collaborating with other supply chain and industry decision-makers.

How did you get involved in LTL technology?

Over the years LTL carriers have enhanced their technology platforms and I saw firsthand the desire that customers really had to better manage their end-to-end supply chain functions with technology.

SMC³ prides itself on creating solutions that help customers optimize their truckload and LTL transportation spend. How will customers benefit from what SMC³ has in store?   

Customers are wearing many hats now more than ever. The need to drive savings and time management is critical in today’s supply chain functions. By positioning SMC³’s product offerings in the market is where I hope to offer value to the organization and to our customers. The ability to quickly understand a customer’s needs and challenges and then partner them with SMC³ tools will be my reward. There are huge cost savings by driving efficiencies through technology.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun?

I love to hike with my husband. I really enjoy entertaining family and friends because I love cooking. I work with a couple of non-profits by donating my time and actively assisting with fundraisers. I’m torn between the mountains and the beach as my favorite destinations. A personal goal is to visit a national park every year.   

Customers rely on SMC³’s technology solutions to support the entire supply chain, meeting the needs of its customers with industry-leading speed, reliability and performance. Contact Tammy directly at to discuss your business needs.

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