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Behind the scenes at SMC³ with Nate Fouch

Nate Fouch is a strategic account manager for SMC³. He recently took time out to discuss his new role, how he got started in the LTL industry, and what he thinks is key for maintaining a strong business relationship with customers. Get to know more about Nate in this behind the scenes interview.

What’s your area of expertise at SMC³?

I am a strategic account manager at SMC³. I collaborate primarily with shippers, helping them optimize their LTL freight transportation across the supply chain. Doing so is based on more of a consultative approach so shippers can simplify, streamline and locate cost savings within their operations. SMC³ offers a wide array of solutions, and it is my responsibility to listen, identify customer pain points, and ultimately connect them to our secure and reliable solutions.

As a new employee, what attracted you to the company?

I’m not a stranger to the supply chain and logistics industry, and I’ve heard the name many times through the years. I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with leadership, where I gained a real understanding of how unique SMC³’s presence in the market is. In doing so, I was extremely drawn to a few key tenets. The company cares about its people, putting forth an amazing effort to make sure they feel valued. Also, the employee tenure here is outstanding. To me, it was clear that SMC³ is a company where people are proud to work, and that it’s more like family. Last but certainly not least, the uniqueness of the role the company plays in the market itself was staggering. SMC³ connects with all verticals throughout the industry from shippers, carriers, 3PLs and technology partners. I am so excited to part of the team here!

How did you get involved in the LTL industry?

Before coming to SMC³, I worked in more of a hybrid sales position that included all modes of transportation. I was fortunate enough to gain experience with customers in ocean/liner, truckload, open deck, rail, intermodal, drayage, air, and less-than-truckload. Working some major players in the LTL shipping industry allowed me to learn many key components that lead to successful LTL operations.

What do you think is the key component for maintaining a strong business relationship with customers especially during a global pandemic?

I always try to display authenticity in my everyday life. It’s no different in my career when aiming to build strong relationships. Conversations are, well, conversational – they shouldn’t be strictly business. Many key relationships that I have maintained have told me that I am a very easy person to talk to and be open with about their pain points. That’s the type of feedback I want from customers. When people like one another, they often look forward to working together. Customers like working with people who provide value and people they enjoy.

When you’re not working, what are some of your hobbies?

When I am not working, I am a huge outdoors person! I love bike rides, fishing, throwing the ball, being at the park with my three boys, grilling, and bonfires. I’m also highly into fitness and try to work out a few times a week.

Customers rely on SMC³’s technology solutions to support the entire supply chain, meeting the needs of its customers with industry-leading speed, reliability and performance. Contact Nate directly at to discuss your business needs.

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