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Behind the scenes at SMC³ with Mark Artis

Mark Artis is the director of truckload sales for SMC³. He recently sat down to chat about his role at SMC³, how his career began in the truckload industry and how he maintains a strong relationship with customers. SMC³’s main solution for truckload carriers is the Cost Intelligence System (CIS), which lets carriers quickly, efficiently and accurately derive cost and profitability information from their operations.

What’s your area of expertise at SMC³, and why do you like working in that area?

I am the director of truckload sales for our Cost Intelligence System product, which provides detailed activity-based costing to our truckload carriers. I really enjoy working with the CIS product because it allows me to add real value to my customer’s bottom line. Using the solution, my customers can easily tell the cost of moving each load from origin to destination, and this is a real value-add for some carriers who might not have an efficient way to track and analyze operational costs. SMC³ offers more than just truckload cost intelligence solutions. We also have a Cost Intelligence System for LTL and Load-to-ride freight. All these carriers can use CIS for projected costs, as a way to know how to respond to bid requests.

How did you get involved with truckload supply chain technology?

I’ve been working within the transportation industry for over 20 years and have really touched nearly every aspect of trucking from safety to compliance to supply chain.

What’s the first thing customers always want to know about the company’s technology? What surprises them about SMC³ once you explain the full range of what SMC³ does?

The truckload market runs on such thin margins. Any wasted time is wasted money, and my customers are constantly looking for opportunities to better understand where they might be losing revenue. That really gets to the heart of what customers want to know about CIS and SMC³ — how can the company save us money, and how much time can we save by utilizing CIS?

They’re also pleased to hear that we continually update the solution using customer feedback. We generate this feedback at regularly scheduled user group meetings.

During these events, we walk customers through innovative ways of using the profitability system, gather feedback from carrier representatives, and discuss profitability and customer service issues from a carrier’s perspective.

SMC³ is constantly refining and improving all of our technology offerings. Constant feedback from our customers and members allows us to provide solutions that are really customized to meet their business needs.

How do you maintain a strong business relationship with your customers, and what’s the most important aspect of that dynamic?

Maintaining a strong business relationship is like a healthy marriage. Communication and trust are the keys to ensuring that the relationship works for both parties. Having a clear understanding of what our customers’ business needs are, and providing the tools and service that exceeds their expectations, is what sets SMC³ apart. From a sales perspective, getting out and meeting our customers face to face helps strengthen that relationship as well.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun?

When I’m not working I enjoy playing golf, listening to live music and watching my high school senior play football on Friday nights in the fall. I also love to eat, so Atlanta affords me the opportunity to try lots of great restaurants.

If you’d like to learn more about Cost Intelligence System for truckload carriers, contact Mark directly at to discuss your business needs and in the meantime, download the datasheet here to learn more.  

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