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Archive for February, 2019

Daylight sees transportation network investment, LTL technology as keys to 2019 success

SMC³ carrier member Daylight Transport’s average haul length (2,000 miles) and transit time (three days) “allows for businesses to compete in markets they may not otherwise be able to and allows goods to get to end users faster.” The carrier’s vice president of sales and marketing recently spoke with SMC³ about how Daylight leadership sees the 2019 supply chain and logistics arena and how the company uses logistics transportation technology products to create value for customers.

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A lifetime of LTL technology

During his 34 years at SMC³, Danny Slaton was lucky enough to experience seismic shifts in the logistics and supply chain industry – first on the front lines of the computerization of the supply chain and then as an executive making sense of a post-deregulation transportation world. Slaton retired from his career at SMC³ following the Jump Start 2019 logistics conference, and in his three decades at the company, he saw a lot of change.

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Jump Start 2019 supply chain conference attendees discuss global economy, supply chain technology

During the final two days of the SMC³ Jump Start 2019 supply chain conference, attendees heard from a duo of economic experts that presented a survey of the global economy and its impact on the logistics business as well as an array of transportation analysts and supply chain technology specialists.

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