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2018: The Year of SMC³

In 2018, SMC³ will be focusing on creating even more innovative solutions for shippers, carriers, 3PLs and other supply chain stakeholders. During Jump Start 2018, the company announced the addition of small-package rating capabilities to the trusted, reliable RateWare® XL and BatchMark® XL products. For years, customers have used these LTL freight API solutions to help conduct in-depth rating analysis and to streamline their operations. With the dominance of e-commerce shipping and the greater reliance on parcel shipments in today’s supply chain, it was a natural step to include small-package rates in these seminal products.

SMC³ is also focused on continually improving its direct-to-carrier API offerings, giving shippers and 3PLs transactional alternatives to high-powered, LTL freight APIs like RateWare XL. Through the SMC³ Platform, customers can access numerous LTL freight API solutions to achieve an array of visibility, rating and transit-time options; and are adding more tools all the time.

SMC³ is continuously improving its solutions to adapt to shifting market demands, and with that in mind, this year will also see the release of an update to CarrierConnect® XL. With CarrierConnect XL, users can compare the full portfolio of services from the industry’s leading national, super-regional and regional less-than-truckload carriers, ensuring they always select the best provider for each freight movement. Version 3.0 provides a number of upgrades over the current product, allowing for greater flexibility when determining transit-time planning.

Finally, in January, SMC³ acquired intra-Canadian base rates from the Freight Carriers Association of Canada. This extension of SMC³’s price benchmarking offering into the Canadian marketplace will offer shippers and 3PLs around the globe better insight for managing their intra-Canadian supply chain needs.

SMC³ already provides full visibility for LTL shipments from quote to dispatch and all the way through delivery. This year, there’s even more technology on the horizon. With all the internal and external expansion plans set for this year, 2018 truly will be the year of SMC³.

Learn more about how SMC³ offers the best-in-class LTL solutions here.

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